For Families

We get it

Watching someone you love struggle with addiction, trauma, or mental health issues is difficult. Seeing someone you care about head to detox or treatment can be an emotional experience. And the time leading up to the decision to seek help often comes with anxiety of its own. We understand this and work with families, including them in the treatment process, so that there can be healing for everyone involved.

If your loved one is struggling with an addiction or mental health issue, Marina Harbor Detox can help.

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Individualized Treatment to Break the Cycle

There are essentially 5 actions that can help you break the cycle. First, one needs to identify their problem behaviors and identify alternative healthy habits to replace the bad habits. Additionally, attending therapy to explore the root of your bad habits and work through unresolved issues is suggested. You cannot defeat what you don’t understand. Lastly, practicing healthy habits consistently is key. Make a routine out of practicing those healthy habits to maintain them. Things that will help you in breaking the cycle include: attending addiction treatment, awareness, a support network, a sense of accountability, a therapist, a strong relationship with your higher power, being active in a program of recovery, and of course, willingness.

Healing for the Whole Family

When you are part of a family, every decision one person makes influences the other members in direct and indirect ways. When one family member struggles with addiction, the condition can negatively affect all members of the family system by putting them in a state of heightened stress and anxiety. Feelings of guilt, responsibility, confusion, anger, sadness, and more can trouble the entire family and lead to increased conflict, isolation, and dysfunction.
We understand that at Marina Harbor and encourage the family to use the time that the identified patient is away, as a opportunity to heal and educate themselves. We can provide many helpful resources.