Marina Harbor Detox

Compassionate, Individualized, And Patient-Unique Approach To Care

Drug And Alcohol Detox In The San Francisco Bay Area

A Luxury, and private detox facility in San Francisco

Marina Harbor Detox is a private, luxury, professional drug detox and alcohol detox facility located on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco. Detox is the first process in the journey towards recovery. Going through detox alone is never a good idea. Withdrawal from certain substances can be very dangerous, painful, and in some cases – even fatal.

At Marina Harbor Detox, we utilize the most advanced techniques in order to effectively assist individuals struggling with numerous types of addictions, including: alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, kratum, MDMA, and others.

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Our San Francisco alcohol detox & drug detox program is fully licensed and accepts most insurance plans. We offer:

Our licensed medical professionals will ensure a smooth detoxification process for you or your loved one that will help restore the body back to health.

If the client requires medically supervised or sub-acute detoxification, Marina Harbor offers an individualized, medically monitored alcohol and drug detox that is closely supervised by a team of detoxification specialists.
Our physicians have many decades of experience managing the symptoms of withdrawal and utilize a wide range of safe and effective medications to help manage the physical symptoms.

Our San Francisco Detox Facility:


What they say about us


Marina Habor gave me back my beautiful family and I swear one day I will pay it forward. This is not your average detox center. Their physicians are actual pioneers in addiction medicine and were actually able to treat me.


I think about my time there often. I hope you got my card and flowers. I thought I was just going to detox, but the best treatment I have ever had. Please tell Carla I miss her food and our talks. You have something truly special at Marina Harbor.


Im seriously so grateful for Jack and Marina Harbor. I’ve been asked recently what clicked and what changed. There was a specific moment where I felt comfortable enough with you and Tim to let my guard down and receive recovery. I’m sending a much longer letter to express my true gratitude but don’t want anything to go unsaid. You all saved my life.


My favorite thing about Marina Harbor, aside from Carla’s food, is that every single person that works there is in recovery. One of the biggest deterrents in seeking help was that I always felt judged at other detox facilities. You really feel understood and cared for there.


If I could afford to live there year-round I would. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I just knew while I was there that I was going to be okay. Jack gave me hope for the first time in a long time.


Thank you for making me feel like part of the family. It was reassuring to see everyone I met there, in the same meetings that were recommended to me. I’m ready to take my life back thanks to you all. Enjoy the fruit basket. It’s a small gesture of my sincere gratitude to Marina Harbor.